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Ask Itachi
Hi! I'm new to this, but I will be running this blog by answering asks as cosplaying Itachi.

I track the tag irl itachi
  Anonymous said:
Should I name my guinea pig Itachi?


If that is what you wish… I… like the name…

  Anonymous said:
A beautiful girl who loves Naruto, Itachi's fan and may look like Sakura, are you real? Will you marry me?

Haha yes I’m real! ^-^

She was an Uchiha… arranged for me to marry by my mother and father. She was barely a year younger than me with a strong spirit and a strong bloodline limit to match. We had a lot in common… we both wished the best for Konoha. I believe we could have lived a happy life together if she hadn’t thought that the “best for Konoha” meant an Uchiha seated as the hokage. Being closely related to the main family, she played a main role in plotting the coup d’état. In the end, I had to cut her life short along with the rest of my family and future.

  Anonymous said:
Is what it is you who made Sakura cosplay? If this is the case, you look different when you do Itachi.

Yes, they’re both me. I do my make up differently for each and try to find angles for pictures that look more like the character. So, thank you ^-^


It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. My life is very busy right now with school and art and responsibilities and such… I have a few asks to reply to as soon as I figure out how the heck I’m going to reply and get time to. So, stay tuned. Eventually, there will be new questions answered. 

Looking back, I’ve made many mistakes… thinking I could take care of everything on my own. Now, I think maybe… my brother could’ve fixed things. Sasuke could have changed our parents’ hearts…

He even makes me have to try to hide a smile sometimes…


I apologize for my lateness in replying to asks. I have been short on time lately and putting Itachi on takes a lot of time. I promise you, though, that I will answer the asks soon.  Here’s an old picture…

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Oh, it seems I have found them. Though I had to activate the mangekyou to see them apparently.

Perhaps it is because of my failing eyesight, but I have been unable to see any questions in my ask box for quite a while now…